How To Marry “Japanese Woman”; Here’s What You Do First


In order to marry Japanese woman, you must know the characteristics and preferences of Japanese women. What you do first to marry a Japanese woman, Learning Japanese lifestyle culture and sense of marriage. You must study Japanese language too, of course.


Japanese look up to people who live outside the Asian region such as Europe, America, Australia, Russia etc. But, those people do not care about people who live in the Asia.

【Tips to get in touch with Japanese women】

Almost Japanese prefer conservative and calm situations. On the other hand they do not like noisy environments or aggression. As an exception some young people make noise their home, but it’s the same in the world. But even so Japanese are quiet compared to people in other countries.


Japanese women prefer a quiet atmosphere, cool and gentle people. Japanese women avoid aggressive, sudden hugs and greeting kisses. Japanese do not have a habit of shaking hands, but bow will be accepted.


Japanese women are not used to being escorted. Basically they do anything on their own, for example open the door, sit in a chair. Rather, Japanese women often take care of men (It’s one of Japanese historical customs), but some Japanese women don’t like the habit. So Japanese woman is happy to be escorted by “YOU”.


You should understand cultural differences with your Japanese girlfriend first.


The Japanese love efficient things, multifunctional things that can be customized. iPhone is the best example. However, because of that taste, there are also a lot of waste and they seem to be increase extra work in their business or private.


Japanese women do not want to rationalize everything, they love to finish somethings with taking time and effort.That is one of the characteristics of Japanese people.


Many Japanese think that it is important to respect the hierarchical relationship. And many Japanese people have been educated that it is not good to say opinions to the superiors. So Japanese women  strongly hope for an equal relationship.


Even in men and women relations, if you want to marry a good Japanese woman strongly aware of which one is above or below, you and your girlfriend respect each other and choose a woman who educated the importance of equality. If you do not do that, you will be treated as a pet by your Japanese girlfriend.

【Are you a person living outside the Asia】

As a premise, Japanese people still have few international feelings. Japanese women imagine “cool man” like Hollywood movie star, not imagine Chinese, Korean men. If you are European, American, Australian men, there is a chance to marry Japanese women.

【People living within the Asian region】

Those who live within the Asian region are not very interested in Japanese women, there is no chance at all. (Sorry about that… .) Then “How to meet Japanese kawaii women?”. There are opportunities to meet Japanese women in travel and work in Japan(Especially the countryside).


There are several points that Japanese women accept. They are pleased that you are a person with calm. Men who are good at taking care of children are also very popular. If you have a large clean house in the country you live in, Many Japanese women will be interested to you.


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